Matt Bellamy acquires majority stake in Manson Guitars

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Matt Bellamy acquires majority stake in Manson Guitars

It’s no secret that Bellamy’s a bit of a Manson fanatic – for starters, he’s played Manson guitars onstage almost exclusively for nearly 20 years, and often frequents his wide range of models for studio sessions – so this move really isn’t a surprise by any account.


Matt Bellamy with Manson Guitar Works CEO Adrian Ashton.  


In an official statement, Bellamy touched upon his experience with the company and expressed his anticipation to help develop the brand, stating that “I’m excited to be taking ownership of Manson Guitar Works and developing its potential in the future. Having played Manson Guitars since I was able to co-design my first custom guitar I have the best insight into the products.” 




Hugh Manson, who minted Manson Guitars and worked closely with Bellamy to develop his wild range of signature guitars equipped with lasers, synthesisers, fuzz pedals, KAOSS pads, MIDI implementaion and more, will remain in a consulting role with the company as he prepares for retirement. Adrian Ashton, co-founder of the company and current Manson Guitars CEO, has celebrated Bellamy’s acquisition in a statement, saying that “This is an exciting development which will build on the great relationship we have developed with Matthew over two decades.”




Bellamy recently gifted Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave legend Tom Morello with his own custom made Manson guitar after he supported the UK trio in a series of headline shows over the weekend. Given Bellamy’s bond with both veterans of Morello’s calibre and younger emerging artists, it wouldn’t surprise us if we saw more of this genorosity in months to come – we’re sure Matt can afford to give off a few spares, given the amount of guitars he’s smashed up over the years…


Head to Manson Guitars for more information.