Martin Guitars Are Raising Awareness For Sustainable Wood Sourcing

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Martin Guitars Are Raising Awareness For Sustainable Wood Sourcing

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Martin Guitars will begin their input into the campaign by using the hashtag, #FollowTheFrog. The idea is that this will encourage companies and consumers alike to get involved in the sustainable sourcing of woods and also communicate the positive impact of products containing the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal.


In early 2017, Martin Guitars will start the next part of their involvement in the campaign by manufacturing a guitar that will be used by James Valentine. Valentine, who plays lead guitar for Maroon 5, will hopefully use the instrument in concert to further the reach of the campaign.


Chris Martin IV, the Chairman and CEO or Martin Guitar stated, “Martin has been deeply committed to environmental responsibility in a variety of ways for many decades, but as the world’s premiere manufacturer of acoustic guitars, wood sustainability is of particular concern for us, it’s important to us and it’s important to our customers that we operate in a way that ensures we will have healthy forests around the world for many generations to come. We’re proud to team up with an organization as respected as the Rainforest Alliance to help us continue to achieve this mission.”


To learn more about the campaign visit the Martin Guitars website. Martin Guitars are distributed around Australia via Electric Factory