Lunastone Showcase Four New Pedals at NAMM

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Lunastone Showcase Four New Pedals at NAMM

The Red Fuzz 1 is a screaming Hendrix-style fuzz pedal with a sizzling synthesiser-like tone. The Distortion 1 is a dedicated hard rock pedal, designed to emulate the classic tone of iconic shredders such as Eddie Van Halen. Blue Drive 1 offers a delicious crunchy yet moody tone, capable of a clear, glass-like character when played with the gain low, and capable of Stevie Ray Vaughan-style bite when pushed. Finally, the Smooth Drive 1 has a silky smooth character with just enough delicious crunch to put you in the BB King, Larry Carlton and 335 Gibson world of tones.


Distributed in Australia via Amber Technology