Lollar Releases Staple P-90 Pickup

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Lollar Releases Staple P-90 Pickup


Fascinated by the original P-20 staple pickup while borrowing a 50’s Gibson guitar for a gig, Jason Lollar has since been aiming to re-create the iconic sound that caught his eye in the mid 80s. Graduating from Roberto-Venn’s School of Luthiery in Phoenix, Arizona in 1979, Lollar has been leaving his mark across all borders of guitar design mastery.


The new P-90 pickups use rectangular shaped pole piece magnets instead of incorporating that original Alnico round pole pieces, opting for a midway between the splashy Fender tone and a more lose grain-sounding Gibson P-90 tone. Giving a punchier tone and added attack, the new P-90s preach clarity to the overtones and bring a whole new dimension to the original sound.


Lollar recalls, “We modified the design of the original Gibson P-90 staple pickup so it fits most soap bar routes with no modification to the guitar. Though the design is updated, I voiced it to sound just like the legendary Les Paul Staple pickup that was loaned to me.”


The refurbished P-90s come in black, cream or white soap bar covers. Lollar recommends that the pickups are used for a neck position and that they only come in a Soap bar style pickup.


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