Laney Amps and Tony Iommi Together at The End

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Laney Amps and Tony Iommi Together at The End

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Iommi’s sound is synonymous with heavy rock, having more or less invented the genre single-handedly with the dark and doom of Black Sabbath in the late 60s. The partnership with Laney has existed since this time, and Laney amps were used to create the now legendary tones on the bands eponymous debut album.


Fast-forward nearly fifty years and Black Sabbath are touring the world for the last time – with a swag of Laney amps in tow just like in the old days. In addition to his TI100 Signature rig for the more modern sounds, Laney have recreated the original Supergroup LA100BLS used by Tony in the early days to authentically reproduce tones from that era. Don’t miss this never to be repeated opportunity to experience first-hand the guitar sound that changed music forever.


It began with Laney, it ends with Laney.


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