Is Aphex Twin teasing a new release with Novation?

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Is Aphex Twin teasing a new release with Novation?

Now, as a few eagle-eyed gear heads have pointed out, it looks like there’s another Aphex Twin release over the horizon, and there’s a pretty compelling argument that claims UK synth lords Novation might be involved. 


A number of billboards and posters featuring Aphex Twin’s iconic logo have been spotted in Berlin, Lisbon, Los Angeles and London, with Novation seemingly confirming a colloboration of some sorts by sharing the billboards to their socials with and hinting at an announcement on October 20. 



However, the sleuths over at SynthAnatomy have also noted that the graphic seems to list a number of features associated with a synthesiser, implying that there could even be a new piece of physical kit dedicated to Richard D. James. 


Last year, Aphex Twin teamed up with Novation to create a quirky AFX mode for the Bass Station II, so the prospect of the two pairing up again is just all too tantalising. At any rate, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for whatever is in store for us on the 20th – hype hype hype!!!



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