In A Snapshot: Rock’n’Roller Multi Carts

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In A Snapshot: Rock’n’Roller Multi Carts


These sensational products come in a variety of sizes from mini versions, like the R2 Micro though to super robust models like the big R14 Mega cart.


They make transport effortless for everything from a small guitar rig, through to keyboards, amps and PA. There’s something for every musician, even drummers. You can even fit an entire drum kit on one of these and get in and out of the gig in 1 load. No joke… one load!


Their functionality stands to get even easier now with the addition of the accessory shelves. Solid ply carpeted decks and media shelves start at a very reasonable price and allow you to not only carry more but also create a stable and functional work platform that can be used for amps, audio, recording or lighting equipment – heck really anything you can think of. 


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