IK Multimedia launch Dimebag Darrell Amplitube collection

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IK Multimedia launch Dimebag Darrell Amplitube collection

Designed in conjunction with the late Pantera guitarist’s former guitar tech Grady Champion, the Cowboys From Hell collection is an exact replication of Dimebag’s entire amp rig, offering all the necessities to emulate the tones heard across the band’s famous Cowboys From Hell record. 


The collection includes a remodelled clone of Dimebag’s preferred solid state 120w Randall RG 100ES, as well as a version of his mid ’80s Roland Jazz Chorus 120 used to record ‘Cemetery Gates.’ Both amp models also feature their respective cabinets as part of the bundle deal, offering Dimebag enthusiasts the choice between a Randall 4×12 or a Roland 2×12 speaker cab.



The Amplitube Cowboys From Hell pack also includes five virtual versions of Dimebag’s favourite stomboxes, including a six-band MXR EQ, a Furman PQ-3 Parametric EQ, an MXR Flanger Doubler, a Dimebad Dunlop Crybaby GCB95 wah and a Rocktron Hush IIB Noise Gate.




Who could ever want to say no to having Dimebag’s tone inside your iPhone? Head to IK Multimedia to find out more about the software pack.


IK Multimedia is distributed in Australia through Sound and Music.