Ibanez Team Up With Steve Vai On New Signature Guitars

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Ibanez Team Up With Steve Vai On New Signature Guitars


Celebrating 25 years of Vai’s eclectic Passion and Warfare, Vai and Ibanez are returning with three guitars – Passion, Warfare and Silver, which are based on the universe guitar Vai had with him on his 1990 follow-up album. Each seven-string guitar has a custom swirled pattern that represents Vai’s signature take on a vibrant and flamboyant contrast, which is somewhat reminiscent of his emerging career in the 80s.

Each guitar is built with an American basswood body, a maple neck and rosewood fretboard with a mesmerising disappearing pyramid inlay. Keeping to Steve Vai’s comfort levels each guitar has jumbo frets and a lo-pro Edge 7 Tremolo bridge. Due to the design, the Passion and Silver stay classic with fitted Chrome hardware, whereas the Warfare opts for a well-rounded black hardware.

Steve Vai recalls the anniversary edition of Silver while on tour throughout the late 80s with Whitesnake. Vai’s ostentatious seven-string series does come at a steep retail price, though many are still infatuated by the incoming series since witnessing the Ibanez Namm stand earlier this year. 


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