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 While the designs of the 15 new instruments remain the same as their predecessors, Gibson have reintroduced the feature of cryogenically frozen frets, which increases the durability of the fret-wire to ensure pitch stability and playability maintains at a premium level. Slim Tapered neck profiles are also included on the newer contemporary models, and all of the guitars are now available in left-handed models.




Highlights of Gibson’s 2018 collection include the Les Paul Faded, featuring a unique finish, Slim Taper neck and an Ultra-Modern weight relief system, resulting in a super-playable Les Paul that won’t break your back or your bank account.




The Gibson SG Standard HP also stands out from the bunch with its titanium ‘zero fret’ nut and bridge saddles, as well as improved Gibson G FORCE tuners and a soloist neck width for enhanced shredding. The flamed AA figured-maple top and chrome hardware also makes this SG a treat to look at, with push-pull knobs and dual humbuckers also offering a wide range of tones.




Finally, the Gibson Firebird Studio combines features of previous vintage and modern Firebirds, resulting in a P-90 equipped workhorse with a cool non-reverse headstock and an unbound Torrefied Granadillo fretboard, offering a unique wood to suit a variety of styles.


For more information and to see more of Gibson’s 2018 collection, Gibson are distributed in Australia through AMI.