Get A Unique Finish On Any Tornado Guitar By Fican

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Get A Unique Finish On Any Tornado Guitar By Fican


His guitars aren’t based on those 50s-derived legends we all know and love; instead, Monk plans to pave his own pathway. The Tornado is just one example, it is a solid body electric guitar designed to offer both acoustic and electric sounds, and blends with two input jacks and two tones of acoustic. It goes out of its way to tell you this by referencing certain visual aspects of an acoustic guitar, in the form of the curvy outline, the soundhole-like circular centre section and the laser-etched pickguard.


With Fican’s entire range, you can choose from a range of woods for appearance and weight. All of their wood selections have been chosen for their sonic effects, adding richness to the tone that are not available with cheap light pine bases. And to top it all off, there are some pretty incredible finishes too. Our pick of the bunch is Monk’s Lava finish, which is sure to make a statement on-stage. The personalisation continues here too, with all of the Tornado models available in a range of finishes – or you can choose your own unique colour scheme!





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