Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett is selling his guitar collection

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Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett is selling his guitar collection

Shiflett told Reverb he had racked up a gratuitous excess of guitars over the band’s storied career and felt the need to condense his collection.


Left: 1960s Vox Phantom VI Black, right: Burns London Double Six


“It would be fun to see these things find a home elsewhere, where somebody’s going to actually play them and put scratches on them,” Shiflett said. “I’m going to take these 20 guitars and turn them into two guitars. That’s kind of my plan.”


Left: Gibson 61 SG Les Paul Custom Reissue, right: Gretsch G6136SLBP Brian Setzer Signature’


The shop will go live on Thursday, and will feature some his most iconic guitars played on hits like ‘All My Life’, as well as many admittedly indulgent purchases. 


Left: Gibson Firebird V Reissue, right: Fender Chris Shiflett Signature Telecaster Deluxe Prototype


One of the highlights include a 2002 Gibson Firebird V Reissue in a classic Pelham blue, purchased during the recording of Foo Fighters record One by One. It has received numerous modifications over the years, and appears in its original white colour in the video for ‘All My Life’. See Shiflett demo some of his favourites to be sold below.



Others shown in a demo for Reverb include a prototype of the Fender Chris Shiflett Signature Telecaster Deluxe, modelled off Shiflett’s favourite ‘72 Telecaster, and a Gretsch Brian Seltzer Signature Black Phoenix which survived a weary touring schedule over 2002.


The Chris Shiflett Reverb shop goes live on Thursday July 19.