Fender introduces new American Original Series

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Fender introduces new American Original Series

Offering period correct pickups, era specific neck profiles and nitrocellulose lacquer finishes, the American Original series essentially recaptures the essence of the golden era of Fender’s early production run throughout the mid twentieth century. To appease the modern player, Fender have also taken the grace of adding modern appointments to the American Original series such as vintage tall frets, modern fingerboard profiles and other small nuances to enhance playability, resulting in a fresh new series that seems set to storm the world.


Featuring an era-correct ash body, a thick “U” shaped neck and Pure Vintage ’52 pickups, the specs of American Original ’50s Telecaster harkens back to the design of Leo Fender’s original flagship instrument. It’s joined by the American Original ’60s Telecaster, which boasts a double bound alder body with a rosewood fingerboard and a “C” neck profile.

Everyone needs to own a Stratocaster at least once in their life, and it looks like Fender have taken the cake for versatility with the brand new American Original ’50s and ’60s Stratocasters. While the ’50s Strat makes use of an ash body, Pure Vintage ’59 pickups and an array of premium finishes (including the gorgeous Aztec Gold), the American Original ’60s Stratocaster features an alder body with a thick “C” neck profile, which is perfect for all your Hendrix-esque blues flourishes.

Fans of Fender’s offsets are in for a treat with the American Original ’60s Jazzmaster and Jaguar models. The American Original ’60s Jazzmaster offers a faithful recreation of the coveted offset, featuring a smooth 9.5″ rounded-lam rosewood fingerboard and the classic Ocean Turqouise finish. On the other hand, the ’60s Jaguar includes era-correct appointments such as vintage pickups, lead/rhythm circuit switching and a string mute, and comes in the luxurious Surf Green finish.

Fender’s classic Precision and Jazz basses have also copped the American Original series reboot, with the manufacturer offering new ’50s and ’60s Precision basses as well as ’60s and ’70s Jazz models. The ’50s Precision Bass features classic looks with its gold andonized pickguard and maple fretboard, while the ’60s model offers premium tortoise shell pickguards and Pure Vintage ’63 pickups that pack far more than just a punch. For Jazz Bass enthusiasts, the American Original ’60s Jazz Bass offers versatility with its Alder body and vintage appointments, while the ash body and ’75 inspired pickups of the ’70s Jazz Bass seem to be perfect for all your funk and soul needs.

For more information on the Fender American Original Series, check out Fender Music Australia.