Fender Custom Shop unleashes Game Of Thrones Sigil Collection

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Fender Custom Shop unleashes Game Of Thrones Sigil Collection

Inspired by the icy palisades of Winterfell, the House Stark Telecaster nods its head to the tough-as-nails Stark family in the North, with a lightweight swamp ash body being complemented with a weathered inlaid sterling silver purfling – no Valyrian steel here. The House Stark Telecaster also features a custom hand-cut and engraved sterling silver Dire Wolf sigil inlay on the first fret and and an embossed nickel silver sigil on the pickguard of the guitar. There’s also a set of hand-engraved knobs, an etched neckplate and a custom Raven Black and Gray Wolf paint-job.



If you’re feeling a bit more regal than those gruff Northerners, the regal House Lannister Jaguar might be up your alley. The lightweight alder body of the Jaguar features an opulent 24k gold leaf heraldry design on the back and front of the body, with a brass lion sigil inlay on the first fret of the ebony fretboard. You’ll also find 24k gold leaf peppered across the carved headstock of the guitar, as well as gold hardware and a gold-plated pickguard engraved with the House Lannister Lion. This one’s painted in Burnt Crimson and Lannister Gold, and it looks absolutely incredible. 



If you’re putting your bets behind House Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne, you’ll fall upon your sword for the House Targaryen Stratocaster, with carved dragon scales across the back and front of the body for a rather draconian look. Boasting a lightweight alder body with black hardware, a maple neck, an ebony fretboard and a hand-cut sterling silver dragon sigil on the first fret, the Targaryen Stratocaster also features a super-unique hand-tooled and stained leather pickguard with the sigil of the Targaryen house – it’s also painted in a menacing Dragonglass Black coat. 



Built by Custom Shop Master Builder Rob Thorn, each of the lavish instruments took over 100 hours to complete, with Fender claiming the project took over two years to finish. In a statement heralding the release of the guitars, EVP of Fender Products Justin Norvell said “we worked directly and extensively with Game of Thrones’ creator and avid guitar player D.B. Weiss to ensure that our vision, design and materials reflected the identity of each house. And there’s no better place than the Fender Custom Shop to tackle this task with experts in not only guitar-building, but specialised skills, such as carving and engraving, that really set these instruments apart. As existing fans of the series, we couldn’t be happier with the final results and this partnership overall.”


Be warned, however – these guitars won’t come cheap, with the prices of the instrument reaching upwards of $35,000 USD – you’ll probably need a loan from the Iron Bank of Braavos to afford these ones.


Fender and Game of Thrones also teamed up with resident shredders Tom Morello, Nuno Bettencourt and Anthrax’s Scott Ian to launch the guitars and try their hand at the Game of Thrones theme – check that out below. 




Check out these insane instruments over at the Fender Custom Shop.