Fender Announces Six New Pedals

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Fender Announces Six New Pedals

The Pugilist Distortion features dual gain engines with independent tone controls for each, thus allowing players to select multiple variations of distortion. The Level Set Buffer allows players to easily swap guitars without negatively affecting tone. This original design features level, hi-freq and load controls to adjust the signal, along with a main mute footswitch for silent tuning.


The Bends Compressor tames wild volume spikes without altering tone. Its drive and recovery controls let players dial in the perfect amount of compression and extend sustain, while the blend control mixes the dry signal to maintain natural pick attack. The Marine Layer Reverb features multiple reverb types, including classics like hall and room, along with modern ones, such as shimmer.


The Mirror Image Delay is an atmospheric delay effect, helping players create depth with a simple slapback or an epic soundscape with modulated repeats. The pedal offers digital, analogue, and tape modes – each with two voicing variations – and an option to add a dotted-eighth note. The Santa Ana Overdrive lets players dial in sounds all the way to thick, fully saturated overdrive, using FET technology for tube-like performance. Flexible tone controls unlock a wide range of sonic flavours and clean up with the guitar’s volume control.


For more information on Fender products see Fender Music Australia.