ESP previews more than 50 new models ahead of NAMM 2018

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ESP previews more than 50 new models ahead of NAMM 2018

While the preview only includes new LTD models, ESP has promised another announcement prior to NAMM that will feature new E-II instruments. In the meantime, take a look at the many signature models, basses, and updated series previewed by ESP below:



Additions to the ESP Signature range include three new finishes for Stephen Carpenter models in celebration of his 20th anniversary with ESP, a purple sparkle version of Kirk Hammett’s signature ESP guitar, a new model for A Day To Remember’s Neil Westfall, plus a new model each for two members of black metal outfit Behemoth, Nergal and Orion.



ESP has also updated three more signature models with a Pelham Blue finish for the LTD Sparrowhawk associated with Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher, a Black Satin finish for Mille Petrozza’s (Kreator) LTD MK-600, and a distressed black finish for the LTD Volsung, the signature model of Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen.



Plus, there’s a new signature model for George Lynch, with the newly designed LTD GL-KAMI4 featuring Lynch’s well-known “Kamikaze” finish.




ESP has answered calls for multi-scale guitars with two new additions: the seven-string LTD M-1007MS and eight-string LTD M-1008MS. These models enhance playing as a result of their multi-scale capabilities, which offer different scale lengths for various strings of the guitar.




Three new guitars have been unveiled as part of ESP’s new Black Metal series, arriving in the form of the LTD EC Black Metal, LTD M Black Metal, and LTD Viper-7 Black Metal. Each guitar features an all-black aesthetic with a Black Satin finish, a single premium-quality pickup, and a newly-designed black metal LTD logo emblazoned on the headstock.




Not one, but ten new additions have joined the popular LTD Deluxe “1000 Series”. Finishes range from a Dark Brown Sunburst to See Thru Purple and Charcoal Metallic, complete with seven- and eight-string options, high quality pickups, and a host of other design changes.




The six additions to this series maintain its promise of providing high-quality components at an affordable price with models such as the LTD FRX-400 and seven-string LTD FRX-407 (both featuring the angular look of the FRX shape), and models combining elements from the ESP Horizon shape with aspects of their M Series to create guitars like the LTD MH-400M and LTD MH-400M NT.




A massive 15 models have joined the 200 Series, showcasing a range of new finishes and features. Notable additions include the LTD Arrow-200, with set-neck construction, a Floyd Rose tremolo, and a pair of ESP Designed humbucker pickups, the seven-string LTD EC-257, and the eight-string LTD EC-258.




Rounding out their first NAMM 2018 preview, ESP have refined some of their most popular basses, updating the B-208 eight-string bass with the new LTD B-208SM, and offering new fingerboard wood and improved control layout for the LTD B-204FM and LTD B-205FM. ESP has also promised they’ll have some more new bass introductions before the year is over, so keep an eye out for future announcements.




ESP are distributed in Australia through CMI Musical Instruments.