Ernie Ball Music Man unveil the Short Scale StingRay bass

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Ernie Ball Music Man unveil the Short Scale StingRay bass

The new Short-Scale StingRay boasts a scale of 30″, with the spacing between the frets of the instrument becoming shorter to compensate for smaller hands and bodies. A newly designed Ernie Ball Music Man humbucking pickup is also included in new models, and features higher output neodymium magnets to complement the shorter scale of the instrument. 



Elsewhere, the Short-Scale StingRay features a three-way rotary swtich to flick between parallel, series and true single coil modes, offering a whole cocktail of tonal possibilities. There’s also a modern classic bridge, 22 stainless steel frets and brand new lightweight Music Man machine heads with a finer gear ratio to support the shorter scale of the instrument, while finish options include Raspberry Pearl and Ultra Marine Blue.


Other than the scaled-down size and new pickup, this is still the same old StingRay you know and love. Expect big beefy tones and a warm midrange response that’ll cut through your mix like butter, as well as a timeless look and feel. Even if you tower over the rest of your bandmates, you’ll be able to have some fun noodling around on this thing – there really is nothing more fun than a short scale bass guitar. 


Ernie Ball Music Man is distributed in Australia through CMC Music.