Ernie Ball and D’Addario are now making face masks to protect from COVID-19

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Ernie Ball and D’Addario are now making face masks to protect from COVID-19

Ernie Ball announced today that a portion of their guitar string manufacturing plant in Coachella, California would be dedicated to crafting face masks, with the company pledging to produce 400 two-ply 100% cotton knit masks each day. They’ll be donating the masks to local charities, and have detailed their plans to make them available to everybody who lives in Coachella Valley as soon as possible via a door-drop delivery. 


In a statement released today, Ernie Ball CEO Brian Ball discussed the motive, saying “We are dedicating our accessories and strap manufacturing departments to producing mask and are making it a top priority. The Coachella Valley is our home and we want to help both local charities and the residents as well.”


Ernie Ball aren’t the only ones having a crack at masks – fellow gear giants D’Addario have also announced today that they’ll be crafting protective face shields of their own. The East Coast company state that they’ve managed to find a way to create face shields by repurposing Evans G2 drumheads, and are suitable to be used by medical workers dealing with cases of coronavirus. In an Instagram post, D’Addario say that they’re aiming to start production in two weeks, and will try to pump out 100,000 masks a week in an effort to assist health workers.



D’Addario’s engineering team has found a way to transform Evans G2 drumheads into protective face shields for medical workers battling the coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to be in production by April 27th and to quickly ramp up to a capacity of 100,000 face shields per week. ⠀ We plan to manufacture these shields as long as they’re needed in NY or anywhere around the globe. We’ve watched the incredible efforts of our healthcare and essential services workers all across the world with great admiration. While we cannot match the immeasurable efforts of these selfless heroes, we feel an immense responsibility to do our part in overcoming this crisis. ⠀ We called this Project Excelsior after the New York State Motto, which means “Ever Upward” because it captured the extraordinary determination and can-do spirit of our small team of engineers and product designers. It also typifies our music company’s current credo during the crisis: #WeWillPlayOn. ⠀ Stay tuned to our stories for a look at how we built the shields.

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