Elektron officially release Overbridge 2.0

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Elektron officially release Overbridge 2.0

Overbridge 2.0 is a massive deal for Elektron, and it’s picked up quite the buzz over the past year or so on various forums and dark, musical corners of the web. Essentially, it lets you control all parameters and aspects of Elektron’s product range from the confines of a DAW plugin or standalone software, and is compatible with both analogue and digital hardware units such as the Octatrack, Analog Four, Digitakt and Digitone. 


However, here’s where things get really interesting: Overbridge 2.0 provides multi-channel I/O audio streaming via USB, which eradicates the need to run audio cables between your interface and hardware units. This is a bit of a gamechanger for anyone who utilises Elektron gear in their live or studio setup, particularly in regards to workflow and signal routing. While there’s some concerns surrounding latency issues and the high load on your CPU, there’s no denying it’s a pretty impressive feature, and the initial reception to Overbridge 2.0 has been incredibly positive so far.



What’s more, Elektron have gone ahead and made Overbridge 2.0 available as a free download. If you’re curious about incorporating it into your workflow or finding out more about what’s on offer, you can read more about Overbridge via the Elektron website. 


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