EarthQuaker Devices unveil the Plumes Small Signal Shredder

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EarthQuaker Devices unveil the Plumes Small Signal Shredder

Featuring JFET operational amplifiers instead of the 4558 IC and BJT transistor buffers found in overdrive pedals of similar ilk, it looks like EarthQuaker Devices are aiming to offer players a different flavour of overdrive with the Plumes. The unit also features an impendance of almsot 10 megaohms, as well as a converted +/- 9v input, giving it more headroom when paired with a valve amplifier. This essentially results in an overdrive pedal which is less noisy, clearer at higher volumes and extra chimey for higher frequencies. 



In addition to the standard volume, tone and gain controls, the EQD Plumes also boasts a three-way toggle switch to select different clipping options. Mode 1 offers a classic Marshall crunch on clean settings and gets wild when plugged into a dirty amplifier, while Mode 2 is suitable for players seeking a pure clean boost to nab that classic OpAmp drive sound. Mode 3 provides a transparent, Tubescreamer like tone with an emphasis on clarity and output volume, resulting in an overdriven tone which EarthQuaker claim “the whole band can enjoy.”



The EarthQuaker Devices Plumes Small Signal Shredder is slated for a worldwide release on Saturday August 3. Listen to how it sounds in the above video, and keep your eyes peeled on their website for more pedal demos and news.  


EarthQuaker Devices are distributed in Australia through Yamaha.