DV Mark Multiamp

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DV Mark Multiamp


This rack-mountable preamp/effects processor/power amp is the perfect all-in-one solution for contemporary guitarists. While being equipped with a 250w mono power stage for live work, the Multiamp Mono has a fully stereo preamp for recording and PA feeds. The rear panel offers DI and line outputs, as well as an external effects loop, MIDI sockets, and a USB-port. Patches can be loaded to and from the included SD memory card and shared with other users around the world.


Designed with user-friendliness as a primary consideration, the Multiamp is fast to get up and running. Most importantly, the Multiamp reacts to changes in guitar level and player dynamics like any analogue amplifier/speaker combination – providing a variety of sought after amp and FX tones at the touch of a footswitch, whether connected to guitar speakers, PA or a studio console. Check out the DV Mark Multiamp in this issue’s Road Tests section! 


For more info, visit www.cmcmusic.com.au.