Duesenberg unveil the Alamo lapsteel

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Duesenberg unveil the Alamo lapsteel

Similar to the company’s previous ventures into lapsteel territory with Pomona 6 and the Fairytale, the Duesenberg Alamo features the distinctive Multibender system, allowing for slippery pedalsteel-esque pitch bends. There’s also a built-in capodaster, which functions like an easy-shift capo, perfect for transposing songs and experimenting with different keys. 



Constructed from Korina and boasting an eye-popping Ebony finish, the Alamo also features two Duesenberg VintageTrouble Alnico singlecoil pickups, tucked into Phonico covers for a vintage aesthetic. Whether you’re chasing a slippery, elegant lyrical glide or a snarky high-end snarl, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the Alamo. Keep your eyes peeled for these ones in Duesenberg dealers soon!


Head to The Music Connection to find out where to pick up the Alamo today.