Dr. No Effects introduces Moon Canyon signature pedal

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Dr. No Effects introduces Moon Canyon signature pedal

Dutch pedal maker Dr. No, well-known for coming up with rather creative ways of presenting his pedals – see the Turd Fuzz – has outdone himself with his latest collaborative effort with the ambient sonic powerhouse behind Noveller, Sarah Lipstate. The hand-numbered, signed and strictly limited to 350 Moon Canyon pedal comes in a rather unique and visually stunning hollowed out book-box. Pop this little gem on your pedalboard and you’ll save yourself the space of having an overdrive, FX-loop, reverb and delay – if you can take your eyes off inspecting it for long enough to remember to do so, that is. 



The Moon Canyon is the result of a meticulous design process over two years, culminating in what you see before you in this short demo video by Noveller herself. An overdrive function is first in the pedal’s signal chain, aimed at having a dynamic and transparent tone to complement the effects following it, with volume, tone and drive dials and a low-end boost mini-toggle to shape its sound. Following that, the pedal has its own FX-loop, which allows users to put whatever pedals they wish to use into the signal chain or put a patch cable in its place to have it function as a mute switch.

A single knob then controls the reverb switch, based on a high quality Belton Reverb brick that will determine the size of the large reverb simulation provided by it. Lastly, the analogue sounding Digital-Delay has mix, time and feedback controls to shape its addition to the pedal’s atmospheric output. Lastly, the two mono outputs will allow users to run out to two different amps, or even send one of the them to yet another set of effects for even more sonic diversity.


Dr. No products are available in Australia through Tone Pro Shop.