D’Angelico Guitars Partner With D’Addario On New Strings

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D’Angelico Guitars Partner With D’Addario On New Strings


The union started way back in 1938, where John D’Angelico and John D’Addario met by chance, a meeting which resulted in the invention of the world’s first modern round wound electric guitar string. The sound was unmatched in every quality, including fullness, volume, and brightness, which would lead to it be heard on some of the all-time great records.


Now, the partnership has been reignited, with D’Angelico and D’Addario working together again. The new Electrozinc strings use modern technology to enhance John D’Addario’s original designs, and their EXP technology means that all the strings maintain their classic tone even longer. Available in six gauge variations, there will be a set to suit everyone, and the storied history of the two brands continues.


For more information on D’Addario strings, visit daddario.com.au. D’Angelico Guitars are available in Australia through Jack’s Music.