Danelectro introduce Eisenhower Fuzz and Breakdown Overdrive

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Danelectro introduce Eisenhower Fuzz and Breakdown Overdrive

Modeled on the searing octave-fuzz tones favoured by Jimi Hendrix in the late ’60s, the Eisenhower Fuzz offers a spin on the traditional effect by adding EQ and gain controls to the mix, allowing for further tonal flexibility when using the pedal. There’s also a flat-sculpt toggle to pump a little extra slither of bass and reduce the mids from your signal, creating a tone that cuts through even the murkiest of mixes. 




On the other hand, The Breakdown Overdrive is designed to ““evoke the tone used by a guitar god to record his first album in 1968.” We’re going to take a stab in the dark and say this one’s got Jimmy Page in mind. With a six-position selector to attenuate the input of the pedal and a single volume knob, The Breakdown Overdrive offers simplicity in its purest form. Whether you’re after a dash of natural grit or a lathering of crunchy overdrive, The Breakdown’s got you covered.




Both of these new pedals feature silent true bypass switching, and are available for purchase now – suss out all the specs here


Check out Australasian Musical Supplies for more details on Danelectro products.