Danelectro debut new Roebuck distortion pedal

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Danelectro debut new Roebuck distortion pedal

The Roebuck takes inspiration from the Ibanez Mostortion, a MOSFET-based drive pedal with a distinct, Marshall-like growl. The original unit was discontinued in the ’90s and later rediscovered by a number of notable Nashville session guitarists, which inevitably saw the pedal grow in scarcity and only emerge online with obnoxiously expensive pricetags.


Danelectro’s Roebuck gives players a chance to obtain similar tones without forking out an arm and leg, with the new pedal replicating many of the same sounds and features as the Ibanez Mostortion. There’s a three-band EQ for sharp tone shaping, as well as three clipping modes for even more flexibility than most conventional MOSFET pedals. 


There’s also levels for Volume and Distortion, and the pedal is true bypass, making it incredibly good bang for its buck. Listen to how it sounds below.



Head to the Danelectro website to find out more about the Roebuck today.