Cordoba Honour Legendary Luthier With Masters Series Guitar

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Cordoba Honour Legendary Luthier With Masters Series Guitar


Designed by Hermann Hauser, the guitar
 was eventually used by the late Spanish maestro Andres Segovia. Through tirelessly concertizing and recording with the instrument, Segovia made the Hauser become recognisable as a concert-worthy instrument, and of the most iconic guitars in history.


The Hauser sound is famous for its perfect balance and clean separation of voices. Overtones are very controlled and resulting sound is incredibly pure, with a very focused fundamental at the core of every note. Because of this very pure and direct sound, adding colour and nuance of sound is up to the player – moving the right hand over the soundhole yields a very ‘liquidy’ and velvety quality of tone, while moving towards the bridge achieves a brighter, almost “brassy” sound. This style of guitar appeals to the player wanting maximum control over their own dynamic and modulation (tone colour) choices.


Cordoba’s Hauser is built with a solid Englemann spruce top and solid Indian rosewood back and sides. It features a Spanish cedar neck topped with an African ebony fingerboard. With a few modern refinements, the result is an instrument that exemplifies the authentic Hauser design, voicing, and feel, and captures a rare piece of guitar making history. 


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