Bondi Effects unleashes Art Van Delay pedal

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Bondi Effects unleashes Art Van Delay pedal

Art Van Delay is a digitially-controlled, bucket brigade powered analogue delay. Designed with versatility in mind, the pedal is ideal for those looking for a plug and play device or for users who want to dive a little deeper with their effects.


Its retro aesthetic and bright pink colouring reminiscent of stompboxes from the ‘70s and ‘80s is set to remind you of your favourite classic echo units, while also adding that much sought after touch of modernity to the delay effect.



Specs-wise, Art Van Delay offers up to 1200mS of true analogue delay, tap tempo with selectable subdivision, buffered bypass, and dedicated depth and rate controls for moderation. Other features include hold tap for feedback oscillation, onboard saveable presets, and external tap, expression or MIDI input.


For more information on Art Van Delay, visit Bondi Effects.