Blue Microphones Snowball Studio

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Blue Microphones Snowball Studio

Snowball Main.jpg

The Snowball USB microphone is a condenser mic with a polar pattern that is switchable between cardioid and omnidirectional. This gives you the freedom to record either sounds only directly in front of the microphone, such as vocals, or to increase the pattern in order to capture the sound of more than one instrument.


Also included is the Presonus Studio One recording software, which gives you easy-to-use tools to record your own sounds at a professional quality. The layout of the program means that even beginners will quickly be able to layer and edit their recordings, while adding all of the effects you desire.


The program comes with some preset templates with effects settings all ready to go for a variety of recording scenarios, including voice overs, podcasting and musical performance. All you need to do is plug in the microphone and away you go.


Blue Microphones are distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.