Beyerdynamic debut new TG Series microphones

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Beyerdynamic debut new TG Series microphones

Including one based on the revered M88.

Pro-audio wizards Beyerdynamic have introduced two new microphones to their TG Series with the TG I51 instrument microphone and the TG D70, a kick drum microphone modelled on the brand’s legendary M88.

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Primarily aimed at the touring artist or budget savvy buyer, Beyerdynamic’s TG Tour Group range seeks to offer the brand’s legendary products at a price-point that’s relatively affordable, and these two latest additions look set to sell like hot cakes.

The new TG D70 takes the warm qualities and rugged durability of its predecessor, with its hyper-cardioid character ensuring excellent isolation whether used in studio or stage. The unit features a modified variant of the M88 dynamic capsule, a vocal microphone that’s been adored by bassists and drummers for years, with a noted bump to the upper-midrange to help bring out extra definition from your kick drum.

Beyerdynamic have also revealed the TG I51, a dynamic cardioid capsule microphone that looks fit to use on guitar cabs, snares and toms. It features an incredibly rugged build to withstand the rigors of touring, while its natural sound should help you bring the best out of whatever source you may be tracking.

Both the TG I51 and TG D70 are crafted in Germany, and at their prospective price-point, there’s every chance they’ll be a hit with the masses. Keep your eyes peeled for more news soon!

Head to Beyerdynamic’s website for more details.