Behringer are launching a clone of the Korg MS-20!

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Behringer are launching a clone of the Korg MS-20!

While the company are yet to release an official statement on the product, it’s safe to assume that the K-2 is a pretty precise recreation of the original MS-20. It looks like Behringer are choosing the simple route by utilising a similar keyboard free blueprint and designing the K-2 with a similar chassis to its previously released Model D, Neutron and the yet-to-be-released Pro-1 desktop modules, which means it’ll hopefully lay within a similar price range. 



Obviously, Behringer have built up quite the reputation for their remakes of classic synths in recent years, so it really shouldn’t come to any surprise that the MS-20 was in their sights at some point. What’s unique about this clone, however, is the fact that the MS-20 has been reissued quite a few times by Korg, including the MS-20 Mini from 2013, and is still actively supported by the manufacturer. In fact, Korg even made a desktop version of the MS-20 in the last five years. It’ll certainly be very interesting to see if Korg react to this form of flattery in a manner similar to Roland earlier in the year



In other news, Behringer are also launching a clone of the ARP Odyssey