Audio-Technica System 10 PRO Wireless System

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Audio-Technica System 10 PRO Wireless System


Like others in the range, System 10 PRO operates in the 2.4 GHz range, keeping it free not only from TV interference but also from an uncertain regulatory future. System 10 PRO has a durable rack-mount chassis which houses one or two receiver units that can be operated locally within the chassis or be removed and mounted remotely (up to 120 meters away) via a Ethernet cable. This ground-breaking approach increases the versatility of the system by adding the benefits of an antenna distribution system without the corresponding costs. Up to five System 10 PRO chassis (10 receivers) can be linked together using the included RJ12 cable to create a stable multichannel system for the simultaneous use of 10 channels. Each unit comes fully equipped with a dual receiver chassis, one or two transmitters, an RJ12 link cable, rack-mount brackets, joining plates and plug pack.