Aston Microphones reveal the Element microphone

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Aston Microphones reveal the Element microphone

In classic Aston fashion, the Element looks like the perfect fusion of vintage audio and modern architectural design, and seems like it’d be a stylish addition to any microphone closet. However, as nice as it may look, it’s not the visual design of the Element that’s most exciting: it’s the sound capsule that you should be paying attention to. 


The Element is being billed as a world-first for Aston, and by all accounts, it’s certainly an interesting experiment. In case you need a reminder, Aston are promoting the Element through a people’s voice campaign, allowing engineers, producers and musicians to assist in the design of the microphone’s sound capsule through an anonymous online voting process. 


Aston have also announced that the second round of voting for the ‘People’s Microphone’ project is also open now, with more than 2000 musicians, producers and engineers already having signed up to have their say. The company have since updated their prototype mics and have paid attention to the advice of voters to amend which competing microphones to test the Element against, with the process being peer reviewed by a number of music technology publications. 


If you’re interested in taking part in the project, you can still register for the second round of voting here, and head to Aston’s website to find out more about the Element project in further detail.



Aston Microphones are distributed in Australia by Link Audio