Apple Releases New Free App For Musos

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Apple Releases New Free App For Musos


Music Memos is a new iPhone app that enables you to capture your initial song ideas and develop them further. Optimised for Guitar and Piano, the app is designed for musicians to capture their ideas at any given time. With the app, you are able record any instrument you like, then rename, rate and tag the memos to keep your notes sorted.



What separates Music Memos to other note-taking apps is that it can analyse the rhythm and chords of acoustic guitar and piano recordings and automatically generate drum and bass parts. Music Memos lets you customise things like volume and the complexity of the drumbeat or bass line. In each case, particularly with the bass, Apple does a nice job of keeping in time with your recording — without requiring any real work on your part.


Typical with Apple products, once you have a memo that you’re satisfied with you are able to easily send it across to GarageBand or Logic Pro X to give it more polish, or simply upload it online.


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