Apple launch new ARM-powered Mac series

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Apple launch new ARM-powered Mac series

Words by Mixdown staff

The new M1 range could be a god-send for music producers.

In a landmark launch that is sure to have everyone in audio land talking, tech giant Apple have laid down the blueprint for what could be the end of the Intel era as we know it, releasing a new run of Silicon-powered hardware.

A massive departure from the Intel systems of yore, the new Macs look to make full use of their ARM architecture, boasting marked improvements to overall processing power, increased GUI capabilities and better thermal/power consumption properties: just some of the obvious advantages associated with the new technology.

These advancements are sure to strike a chord with the budding audio produce – after all, anything that brings us closer to the end of the ‘spinning wheel of death’ can only be a good thing.

In typical Apple fashion, they’ve hit the ground running, with Logic Pro X already running natively on the new Big Sur OS X, ready to rock and roll straight out of the box today.

Similarly, the Apple team have also been working with Adobe to have their entire Creative Cloud Suite running natively, meaning Audition and Final Cut Pro users are in safe hands.

Front of house engineers and anyone using iPad as a control surface will also breathe a sigh of relief with Apple’s new Big Sur OSX granting iPad OS apps full compatibility via the Rosetta 2 technology, in turn bringing a wealth of third-party apps across to the Mac.

New technology always has a tendency to leave producers a tad apprehensive, but Apple are showing no signs of ceasing support for their Intel-based Macs anytime soon, even alluding to a couple of further Intel based projects down the line.

While it may be a little early to call, all indicators are that with the release of these new Apple M1 Chip MacBooks, we may finally see the arrival of what producers have been waiting all these years for – hardware with the capacity and boundless processing power required to keep up with the intense rigours of the modern production workflow.

Definitely a case of watch this space!

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