All You Need To Know About The Apple iOS 10 Music App

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All You Need To Know About The Apple iOS 10 Music App


The Library

When you open the Music app, instead of being met with the ‘My Music’ tab you will now be greeted by the ‘Library’ tab – the place where your music collection lives. Content can include both music on your device and the tunes you have living ‘in the Cloud’.   


The large-text categories will allow you to move between categories including playlists, artists, albums, genres etc. These categories can also be edited and rearranged by tapping the ‘edit’ button in the top-right corner.


For You

The ‘For You’ tab also has a brand new look. The larger thumbnails allow for easy recognition and the left to right scrolling is a killer addition. Categories offered up to users include ‘Recently Played’ and a daily rotating playlist. Alongside these two are heavy rotation albums, popular artists, radio stations and playlists suited to your music profile.


At the bottom of the ‘For You’ section now lies Apple’s Connect service which displays updates, music and videos from various artists.



Underneath the ‘Browse’ tab you will find the latest albums for the week. Users can scroll through the thumbnail artworks at the top of the page or choose to look around in the ‘New Music’, ‘Curated Playlists’, ‘Top Charts’ and ‘Genres’ sections.



Unlike its fellow tabs, the ‘Radio’ tab has remained fairly similar to the previous update. Users can listen to Beats 1 Radio on demand or discover older shows through the ‘View All Stations’ button.


Check out the new Apple Music App in the clip from MacRumors below.