Abasi Concepts share details of three new Larada electric guitars

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Abasi Concepts share details of three new Larada electric guitars

One of the more recognisable of the bunch is the company’s flagship model the Larada 8, which is modelled after the exact same guitar Abasi plays onstage and in the studio with Animals As Leaders. Featuring multi-scale stainless steel fanned frets, individual string bridge saddles and Abasi’s signature Fishman Fluence pickups, the Larada also boasts premium Hipshot Griplock tuners and a Graphtech nut for the best perfomance possible. Elsewhere, the Larada features a five-way pickup selector switch and a single volume knob, as well as a 16 inch – 21.5 inch compound fretboard radius. 



If eight strings is a little too much for you. Abasi Concepts has also promised that a six string variant of the Larada will be available soon. While details are currently scarce on these models, Abasi Concepts have confirmed that specs will be similar to its flagship eight string model.



For something completely different, the gnarly Larada Space-T has also been unveiled by Abasi Concepts, which looks as if a Great White Shark took a big old chomp out of your old man’s favourite Tele. With a 25.5 inch scale, Wilkinson 3-saddle T-style bridge, Hipshot Vintage tuners and a bone nut, the Larada Space-T is powered by a set of Fishman Greg Koch signature pickups, which can be also controlled in dual voice mode for a crazy cocktail of tonal possibilities. 


If you’ve got a keen set of eyes, you may have even spotted Isaiah Sharkey, guitarist for the likes of D’Angelo, John Mayer and Brian McKnight, play one of these bad boys on Mayer’s recent performance of new single ‘I Guess I Just Feel Like’ on Ellen the other day.




All models from Abasi Concepts can be customised with an assortment of body, neck, fretboard and tonewood options, as well as pickup, hardware and finish choices. There’s also an expected 10-12 week wait time on all orders made, so if you’re keen on getting one of these monsters, get in quick.


Pre-order the Abasi Concepts Larada series here