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Mine is designed with DJs and producers in mind, with the purpose of providing maximum flexibility for live performances. Each module can be inserted or removed, and placed either vertically or horizontally upon the mainboard. They are made of a polymeric material that protects the electronic components within, while the information is transferred through small connectors on their underside.


There are currently six types of modules to work with; pads, buttons, pots, encoders, sliders and a ‘blank’, which you can presumably program as you wish. The company have stated they are also working on modules for a motorised fader, an LED display, a jogwheel and more.


There are two versions of the controller – Mine and Mine S, with the former offering a matrix of eight rows and columns, allowing the insertion of 64 modules at a time. The smaller S version can fit eight rows and four columns, with a maximum of 32 modules possible.



The controllers are powered by USB from a Mac/PC, and are fully class compliant so will work across all platforms and operating systems. Mine has two expansion ports to connect to other devices and expand its use even further, as well as MIDI in/out.


This controller will actually allow users to create their own configurations to best suit their needs, and easily return to previously saved settings after the modules have been removed and reinserted.


The company are estimating a delivery to their backers by November of this year, so it is a good time to get in on the ground floor with this one. See the video below for some demonstrations.



For more information head to kickstarter.com.