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Monad Studio, founded in 2002 by Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg, specialise in art installations, product design, building, urban plans and of course – musical instruments.


Hosted by Meckler Media, ‘MULTI’ is a 3D printed sonic installation at the 3D Print Design Show in New York in which five instruments have been unveiled including a 2-string Piezoelectric Violin, 1-string Electric Travel Bass Guitar (monobarasitar), 1-string Piezoelectric Monovioloncello, a Small Didgeridoo and a Hornucopian (large didgeridoo).


Also included in the instalment is the 3D printed Sonic Wall. The framework produces a “drone, sonic environment that highlights the radical design on these instruments”.


The Piezoeletric Violin, taking about ten days to print can only be described as a futuristic piece of technology. While its exterior appearance does not resemble the classical violin, the instrument contains a ‘piezoelectric sensor’ that ultimately enables it to amplify sound.



Next up, the 1-string Travel Bass Guitar, otherwise known as the Monobarasitar. Besides an added string, bridges and tuning gears, this futuristic guitar is created entirely through 3D printing. With a body shape that is so unique, the only question that comes to mind is – what does it sound like?



Equally intriguing, the 1-string Piezoelectric Monovioloncello. Printed on a MakerBot Replicatior Z18 along with the other instruments, the 3D cello was created by multiple layers of material to achieve its extremely distinctive design.



Last but certainly not least to all the Aussies out there, Monad Studio created a small Didgeridoo and a Hornucopian Drone Pipe (a larger didgeridoo). The MULTI project has taken a part of Australian culture and re-invented it for the world. In particular, the Hornucopian’s design is one to draw an eye. Inspired by Florida’s pythons, Goldemberg created an instrument that literally wraps around the player’s body, bringing the instrument and the musician closer than ever before.




Monad Studio’s MULTI collection is undeniably impressive and showcases the endless possibilities for instrument design when incorporating the technological advancements our modern society is exposed to.



Now, for the important stuff – take a listen to some of the instruments in the video below.



For more information, visit Monad Studio’s website.