PreSonus R-Series V2: Updates for the ribbon tweeter monitors

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PreSonus R-Series V2: Updates for the ribbon tweeter monitors

PreSonus R-Series monitors product shot
Words by Sam McNiece

Now with Acoustic Space controls and an upgraded amplifier.

PreSonus have just announced an update to their ribbon tweeter monitors introducing the R-Series V2 Active AMT monitors. Both R65 and R80 models have received an update that adds the acoustic controls from their Eris range plus an upgraded amplifier.

What you need to know:

  • Presonus have released the second iteration of their R-Series ribbon tweeter studio monitors.
  • Both the R65 and R80 have received updates that include acoustic controls, equalisation alongside an upgraded amplifier.
  • The units are shipping right now and replace the original R-Series monitors which are now discontinued.

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For those familiar with the Eris range, the new iteration of the R-Series from PreSonus will look pretty familiar. There’s a high shelf, mid frequency band and gain knob alongside a high-pass filter and Acoustic Space controls that let you modify the overall frequency response depending on where you have your speakers placed.

Class A/B power amplifiers now allow for up to 140W of audio reproduction (75W LF + 65W HF) for more headroom and a smoother overall frequency response.

The custom-designed Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is here, which is a minutely thin ribbon style high frequency driver. These types of speakers deliver a very solid high frequency response which was popularised by two brands that take their name from the Garden of Eden.

R-65 and R-80 V2 frequency responses are 45-22,000 Hz and 40-22,000 Hz respectively, and offer RCA, TRS and XLR input options.

There’s a lot to like about these tweaks to the PreSonus R-Series, including the fact that the ribbon tweeters are less fatiguing on the high end than standard tweeters, and with the Acoustic Space switch now available, they’re even more enticing.

Head to PreSonus’ website to check out these new monitors and for local enquiries, get in touch with Link Audio.