Orange Amps launches free access to music courses: Orange Learn

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Orange Amps launches free access to music courses: Orange Learn

Orange Learn
Words by Mixdown staff

Orange Amplification has been a pioneering force in guitar and bass amplification since 1968.

Orange Learn, the educational arm of Orange Amps, is excited to introduce its latest educational initiative, designed to make music education accessible to everyone. Beginning June 3, Orange Learn will offer its guitar and vocal music courses entirely free of charge, providing students worldwide with open access to high-quality content.

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With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, Orange Learn recognises the importance of breaking down barriers to education. By offering free music courses, the platform aims to empower aspiring musicians, regardless of their background or financial means, to pursue their passion and hone their skills. As part of this initiative, Orange Learn is also offering a 15% discount on all graded books until June 30.

“Our mission at Orange Learn is to make education accessible to all,” said Cliff Cooper, Founder of Orange Amps. “We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore their musical talents and pursue their dreams.”

In addition to providing free access to its music courses, Orange Learn offers an accreditation option for students seeking formal recognition for their learning. After completing a course, students will have the option to pay for and take an online exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, students will receive a recognised qualification (with grades 6 – 8 receiving UK UCAS points) enhancing their professional opportunities and credentials.

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