New Korg KR-11; compact yet feature-packed rhythm machine

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New Korg KR-11; compact yet feature-packed rhythm machine

Korg KR-11
Words by Mixdown staff

The new Korg KR-11 is a compact yet feature-packed rhythm machine, which offers a portable solution to bring variety and fun to your music practice.

The Korg KR-11 compact rhythm box brings to the modern era the rhythm machine legacy that the legendary Korg Doncamatic famously started in 1963.

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Korg KR-11

With its pop flair and portability, the KR-11 introduces 126 distinct rhythm patterns and 14 dedicated user programs, adding a new dimension to your instrumental practice and performance. All it takes is a simple knob turn to access unbound practice possibilities. The KR-11 comes equipped with a handy tap tempo function and swing feature.

You can effortlessly edit and save or create your favourite rhythm patterns from scratch using the 16 velocity-sensitive pads. Additionally, the KR-11 boasts impressive performance capabilities, including seamless pattern changes via the pedal switch, granting you all the flexibility you need for your practice and live performances.

Key Features

  • Loads of rhythm patterns, matching any genre
  • Customisation: edit any pattern and save up to 14 extra user patterns
  • Intuitive and easy control: just choose your preferred genre, select a pattern, and press the play button.
  • Finger drumming: 16 velocity-sensitive pads and plenty of sounds
  • Optional pedal switch enables control over pattern changes, fill-ins, and start/stop functions at your feet.

For local Korg enquiries, visit CMI Music.