NAMM 2021: Ernie Ball Music Man debut new finishes for 2021

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NAMM 2021: Ernie Ball Music Man debut new finishes for 2021

Words by Will Brewster

The new-look StingRay, Cutlass, Sabre and Bongo models will land later this year.

Following in the footsteps of Sterling’s major announcement last week, Ernie Ball Music Man have now unveiled an array of new finishes available on their guitar and bass range in 2021.


  • New finishes are available on Music Man’s StingRay, Sabre, Cutlass and Bongo guitars and basses.
  • 2021 StingRay and Cutlass guitars are finished in Powder Blue, Vintage Tobacco and Burnt Amber.
  • The StingRay bass range has been fleshed out with eight new finishes for both four and five-string basses in 2021.

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Ernie Ball Music Man Sabre

Reissued last year at NAMM 2020, the Ernie Ball Music Man Sabre was initially released as a Music Man model in the ’70s to widespread acclaim. It packs an okoume body with a densely bookmatched maple top and roasted maple neck for a striking aesthetic, while its twin custom humbuckers provide players with a myriad of tonal possibilities.

For 2021, the Sabre has received a single new colour-way in the form of a cool Gator Burst finish, adding to a range of finishes from last year that included Cobra, Boujie Burst, Honey Suckle and Deep Blue Burst.

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special

There’s nothing that tops the tone of a StingRay. That distinctive midrange growl has been a favourite among many iconic bassists since its introduction in 1976, and with the updated contours, sculpted neck joint and lightweight hardware of the recently introduced StingRay Special line, it looks like these iconic basses are only getting better and better.

This year, Ernie Ball Music Man have introduced a staggering eight new finishes to the StingRay Special range. For players looking to get their mitts on a single humbucker model, you’ve got the choice of Amethyst Sparkle, Snowy Night, Smoked Chrome and Burnt Ends, while the 2021 HH models can be purchased in Black, Raspberry Burst, Speed Blue and Forest Green.

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay-5 Special

Love the tones of the classic StingRay but need a little more low end? No stress – the StingRay-5 Special has got you covered on all fronts. In 2021, these five-string models have received eight new finishes, with single humbucker variants being available in Snowy White, Raspberry Burst, Smoked Chrome and Speed Blue, while HH models can be picked up in Amethyst Sparkle, Burnt Ends, Black and Frost Green Pearl.

Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass RS

Taking design cues from the classic S-type model, Ernie Ball Music Man’s Cutlass guitar range fuses a roasted maple neck with an alder body and a trio of pickups to tap into those classic So-Cal clean tones. In 2021, the Cutlass can be purchased in both SSS and HSS variants, with Powder Blue and Vintage Tobacco being available for each model.

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay RS Guitar

Retaining all the same specs as the cult classic ’70s model, the StingRay RS guitar is a bona fide riff machine, with its twin humbuckers and lightweight okoume body providing a killer platform for all your fretboard acrobatics. Spec-wise, there’s nothing new to these models in 2021, but you can snag them in two cool finishes: Powder Blue and Burnt Amber.

Ernie Ball Music Man Bongo Bass

Finally, there’s the big old Bongo bass – an absolute workhorse of an instrument for the most demanding of bassists. With 24 frets, an 18v active four-band EQ and punchy Neodymium pickups, you’d be hard pressed to find a bass tougher than the Bongo, and with 2021 models being offered in the smokey Harvest Orange finish, you’ve never had a better excuse to buy one for yourself.

For all inquiries about pricing and availability in Australia, get in touch with CMC Music.