NAMM 2021: Boss introduce new BCB pedalboards, release TU-02 clip-on tuner

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NAMM 2021: Boss introduce new BCB pedalboards, release TU-02 clip-on tuner

Words by Will Brewster

Accessories galore.

Chances are, if you’re playing guitar, you’ve got something from Boss somewhere in your rig. If you already don’t, the company have taken to NAMM today to share a bunch of products to take your fancy, including new BCB pedalboards and a clip-on version of their popular TU-02 tuner.


  • New BCB-1000, BCB-90X and BCB-30X boards include a moulded carry case and detachable lids.
  • BCB-90X and 30X models feature an included daisy chain cable, with the BCB-90X including its own power supply.
  • The handy new TU-02 clip-on tuner works with guitars, basses and ukuleles.

What’s happening with NAMM in 2021? Find out all the details about the annual gear fest here.

Boss BCB Pedalboards

Comprised of three separate units, the BCB range continues a longstanding series from Boss, squeezing their rugged cases into a far more stylish enclosure to suit contemporary tastes.

For fans of the humble Pelican case, the BCB-1000 is a suitcase-style storage solution for players who only opt for a small array of effects pedals. It’s carry-on friendly – not that you’ll be touring anytime soon, of course – and features a retractable handle and some speed wheels to get you and your precious pedals from A to B without any worries.

The BCB-1000 can fit up to two rows of Boss-sized stompboxes, and includes enough space underneath to stow away a pedalboard power supply (unfortunately, not included). There’s also slots to keep your cables nice and tidy, as well as mono and stereo instrument outputs on the back of the board.

Meanwhile, the Boss BCB-90X and BCB-30X provide players with a rigid internal foam insert with pre-cut holes to slide your Boss pedals right into. The BCB-90X, which is the bigger of the bunch, comes shipped with an integrated junction box for cables and power, as well as a PSB-1U power supply with a daisy chain for DC power distribution.

Boss TU-02 Clip-On Tuner

Next up to the Boss arsenal, the TU-2 has been ported out from its stompbox enclosure and squeezed into the confines of a handy little clip-on tuner for your headstock. Widely regarded as an industry standard among those in guitar circles, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more accurate tuner than the TU-2 for its price, and now, that quality is available to everybody in the form of the TU-02.

Suitable for use with guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin and just about everything else with strings, the boss TU-02 features an array of different tuning modes to suit different instrument types – including electric and acoustic models, plus five string basses and more – as well as a chromatic tuning mode and flat tuning up to two semitones down.

The tuner, which is also available as early as next month, is powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery with up to 24 hours of use on tap.

With these new launches – plus the announcement of the Roland Verselab MV-1 last week – it looks like the esteemed Japanese audio giants are gearing up for another big year. All we can say is watch this space; we can’t wait to see what else is waiting for us in the wings.

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