Watch: YouTuber covers Korn songs with corn

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Watch: YouTuber covers Korn songs with corn

Youtuber Davie504 has provided the answer to the question many have asked themselves, but felt too stupid to ever say out loud; could you play seminal nu metal band Korn’s hit songs with corn? The answer, he delivers, is an unequivocal yes.



The medley spans ‘Freak on a Leash’, ‘Coming Undone’, ‘Here to Stay’ and ‘Falling Away From Me’. Corn is employed in a myriad of hilarious yet unquestionably effective ways; the corn cob provides a very thick slap bass and sees use as a drumstick, while popcorn is deployed as a guitar pick and as percussive crush.


Davie504 has a gargantuan task to follow the magnitude of this pun, and I have some suggestions to demonstrate his mastery: Black Flag played with a Black Flag, Cake played with a Cake, Cream played with Cream or Cradle of Filth played with an actual Cradle of Filth. Mixdown awaits your reply.


Check out the rest of Davie504’s hilarious channel here.