Watch: Metal fan polishes off can of beans mid-mosh

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Watch: Metal fan polishes off can of beans mid-mosh

While amusingly unrelated crowd antics are certainly not a new occurance, with people crowd-surfing in wheelie bins and inflatable rafts being classic examples, there have certainly been some particularly novel happenings that have gone viral as of late. We had the group of spectators playing a particularly intense game of UNO during Make Them Suffer’s performance at Unify earlier this year, and just recently there was the guy eating a bowl of cereal in the middle of Chelsea Grins rather violent mosh pit. This latest video entitled ‘Just a man and his beans’ features the Texas heavy-hitters Kublai Khan at one of their recent Warped Tour dates, and a man having a casual mid-mosh snack.



This time around, we see this unassuming gentleman quietly and contently tucking into a tin of beans, even throwing in a few kicks and headbanging for good measure, all the while not spilling a single spoonful.  Hopefully we get to see some more of this amusing trend on some of the huge tours crossing the country towards the second half of this year – as long as the drinking from a shoe trend is long dead and buried, never to return again.


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