Watch: Guitarist shreds a cover of the Bunnings theme

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Watch: Guitarist shreds a cover of the Bunnings theme

If there’s anything that the past few weeks has shown us about our nation, it is that we take sausage sizzles very, very seriously. Particularly the sausage sizzles of hardware giant Bunnings Warehouse. Many children have suffered through parents’ DIY hubris during Sunday morning trips to the store, knowing that in the end, an onion-draped sausage sanga will be there to make it all worth it. It feels fitting then, that like every other piece of music ever, Bunnings gets its own shredded guitar tribute online.




Hennessy has honoured the hardware store with his scintillating take on the iconic tune, and in case you’re wondering, it receives the Mixdown seal of approval. Hennessy sports a Bunnings sun-hat and plays next to a tool-box sitting on his desk. It almost seems like he’s noodling in one of the store’s giant aisles.


It’s been a big year for the Bunnings sausage; we can only hope it remains a cultural cornerstone.


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