Watch: Elderly listeners wig out over Korn

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Watch: Elderly listeners wig out over Korn

A  reaction video posted to YouTube entitled ‘ELDERS REACT TO KORN (Metal Band)’ by FBE depicts exactly this: exposing an older generation of 60-somethings to the perverse nu-metal stylings and anthemic choruses of Johnathan Davis, Munky and co.


Opinions are pretty diverse – some consider it awful, some are in awe of the mosh pits the band produce, and some even debate the darkness of the lyrics and how they reflect the world today – but overall, it’s fair to say the elderly definitely seem pretty taken aback by the Californian nu-metal unit. Check it out for yourself below.



Here at Mixdown, however, we prefer a modern take on Korn-related content, such as this video of cornrowed comedian Aaron Gocs eating corn while listening to Korn. Maybe it’s a generational thing?



Feature image via YouTube.