Touché Amoré Release New Single

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Touché Amoré Release New Single


Forming across 2007 and 2008, Touché Amoré is Jeremy Bolm (vocals), Nick Steinhardt (guitarist), Clayton Stevens (guitarist), Tyler Kirby (bassist) and Elliot Babin (drummer). The Californian unit is renowned for their melodic sonic assault and impassioned vocals.


The definition of hard work and undying determination, Touché Amoré has spent the years playing lengthy tours of all shapes and sizes. From a basement to a youth center, the band places no limits on the types of shows they allow their fans to indulge in.


Stage Four is the collective’s fourth and easily biggest album to date. Recorded in Studio City with producer Brad Wood, it follows their 2013 release, Is Survived By. Below, Displacement offers up a sneak preview to the highly anticipated release.


“The word “Displacement” in Greek is Metastasis, which is the term used when cancer has spread from one organ to another. Having ‘dis’ in the title felt like a good head nod to Discharge, Disfear, Disclose, etc. as this song has a strong D-beat presence. Most of my lyrics are autobiographical, but this one feels more like stating facts than word play. It touches on my faith or lack thereof in the afterlife. And how for her sake I want to believe in heaven because it’s what she deserves.” – Jeremy Bolm.



Stage Four is out September 16. You can pre-order it here. For more information, click here.