Tool launch new track ‘Fear Inoculum’

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Tool launch new track ‘Fear Inoculum’

Spanning a whopping ten minutes – honestly if it was any less I’d feel a bit cheated – ‘Fear Inoculum’ sets a heavy precedent for what to expect from one of the most anticipated albums of the decade. It’s a slow-burning, hypnotic track, with Justin Chancellor’s heavily treated bass guitars and Adam Jones distinctive guitars swooping in and out of the groove to great effect. Danny Carey’s brain-bending drumming is outstanding, of course, and while Maynard’s vocals don’t shine as bright as they have on previous releases, it’s still quite incredible to hear the boys back together again. 


Listen to the track in its entirety below – if you needed a reminder, Fear Inoculum arrives in just over three weeks on Friday August 30. This is just too much. 



In case you missed it, Tool’s discography arrived on streaming services last Friday.